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Embrace + Enhance

By: Dana L. Weimer


Say it with me now, “embrace and enhance.” Breath in, breath out. Naturally and simply – just like life should be. In this case: just like how your hair should be!

This mentality occurred twice in the past month in friendly conversation. In a normal girl talk spree when I was home in Cleveland a few weeks ago, I asked what my bestest does during her normal hair routine. She is a natural brunette that has been heavily highlighted blonde since we were in high school. I was commenting on how her hair looked so different – it was down, flowy, natural, and looked vibrant to be honest! Working in the salon environment has made me do a double take on the general public and their hair. I’m not being judgmental, nor am I being outspoken, I’m just internally retaining what I’ve learned and what I think could help; all in prep for a blog like this of course!

I’m taking my Embrace + Enhance terms to a peaceful level, which involves pure products and long lasting impressions. With that being said, the gist of what my friend told me is that after years of damage (chemical: blonde, blonder, blondest, and heat: blowdryer, flat iron, waver…) she is giving her hair a break. In my mind, I’m like yeah, before it breaks off! She is doing a routine of using a wonderful salon suggested shampoo, concentrating on her scalp and using pure protein booster treatments, rotating with a hair masque once a week. She opts for the masque instead of her regular conditioner because she feels a difference in the Summer heat. To seal the deal: rinsing with cold water and letting her hair air dry as much as possible.


Insert: the EMBRACE! Embrace your natural hair. Lay off the heat, if at all possible, skip a day, or two on shampooing your hair and allow your natural oils do their job. Play up your look with products to (drumroll please…) ENHANCE your style by utilizing root plumpers and texture sprays to give a bit of a boost to your roots and let your hair relax!


If you are at all like my friend at home, you may realize that its time you jump on the Embrace + Enhance wagon and simply: RELAX. Buy yourself some extra time in the morning: wash your hair at night and let your tresses air dry.  Give your head a flip in the morning, add a few products and you are out the door! It’s Summertime – It’s Indy – It’s the Midwest. Be free!


Remember, we may not be the experts, but we certainly are the professionals! Here are a few of our MDG salon|studio favorites on our retail shelves today:

* Oribe Dry Texture Spray (Harper Bazaar’s fav as well!)

* Oribe Apres Beach Spray

* Oribe Grandiose Mousse

* Oribe Beautiful Color Hair Masque

* Kerastase Bain Satin 1

* Kerastase Fusio-Dose Treatment Home Lab

* Kerastase Spray a Porter

* Kerastase Laque Couture

* Kerastase Powder Bluff Dry Shampoo

* The Wet Brush

For instant haircare love & attention, please feel free to check out our brand websites for the latest news and tips. After you have your facts straight, head to MDG salon|studio for an in-salon tutorial and educate yourself on how to maintain your best look! We’re here, we’re waiting, we’re excited to see you!


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